Universes of Excitement

We’re excited to launch Abby Normal Publishing with two great and renowned Universes of Excitement, Thieves’ World and The War of the Worlds.  Both noted for being ‘firsts’ in many ways.

Our approach to works of imagination, whether starting as movies, books, comics, manga, or games is to pursue sharing this creation in many different formats to fulfill different people’s interests. 

A ‘book’ in today’s world could be printed on paper, pixels on a tablet, or an audio file being read to you.  For those intellectual properties needing it, we’ll produce ‘books’ for these in the different formats for people to enjoy as the market demands.

People like all sorts of games, but not everyone likes every sort of game.  This is why we plan on producing multiple types of games well suited for exploring your Universe of choice in fun and interactive ways. 

All Quiet On the Martian Front

Abby Normal Publishing purchased the miniatures war game, All Quiet on The Martian Front, as the first step in telling the story of what comes after the events in book The War of the Worlds, known as Return of the War of the Worlds.

In the miniatures war game All Quiet on the Martian Front, set in the Return of the War of the Worlds universe, players pit the mighty tripods and other war-machines of Mars against the valiant defenders of Earth. 

The All Quiet on the Martian Front core rules were designed by award winning veteran game designers Alessio Cavatore and Rick Priestley, famous for creating wide diversity of games, including Bolt Action and Warhammer. All Quiet on the Martian Front is a fast, fun game easy to learn but ‘crunchy’ enough for veteran wargamers. 

Thieves' World

Thieves’ World® is a collection of stories set in the city of Sanctuary. Once a great trading city, Sanctuary has become a mockery of its past glory, a refuge for the scum that have nowhere else to go.

We at Abby Normal Publishing are both proud and humbled to be chosen to be part of the rerelease of Thieves’ World®. We’re confident that fans of old and future fans will be thrilled with what’s coming.

Abby Normal Publishing is pulling out all the stops to make the grandest role-playing game ever produced for the Thieves’ World® universe where players can adventure in Sanctuary with characters of their creation.

Abby Normal Publishing’s Thieves’ World® products will be in full color (a first for Thieves’ World® universe RPG products) and to European standards. All the members of our team – from top game veteran cartographers, designers that are experts in contemporary game mechanics, and artists – are committed to making a game that will immerse players in the gritty, down-and-dirty, sword-and-sorcery setting of Thieves’ World®.

Additonally everything in Abby Normal Publishing’s Thieves’ World® products will be canon and there will be never before published canonic material.

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