Abby Normal Publishing is founded to be a new type company; you could say not a ‘normal’ one. 

Our specialty is publishing and republishing great games and imaginative works of fiction.

Our team consists of talented and experienced individuals who have been involved in award winning projects and profitable enterprises. Some have been involved in the gaming and publishing industry for decades. Others are part of the recent generation of game designers who have created games grossing in the millions of dollars.

Part of what makes our company ‘abnormal’ is we’re founded on guiding principles as part of the very DNA of our enterprise. They could all be summed up in one word – respect. Some of the ways this manifests are:

Excellence in products. You deserve to get what you expected, plus more. Giving you quality products, you can be proud of, is in our opinion one of clearest ways of showing you respect. 

Engaging with our fan communities. Sincerely listening to your ideas and taking action on them. In a word – collaboration

Real and concrete support of our business partners. Our retailers, in particular, will benefit from our investment in innovation and of our partnering with them for their success. 

We’ll expand on these as roll out the full-fledged site, and when we do, we hope you’ll be as excited about this as we are.

We’re here to have some fun together as we explore Universes of Excitement. 

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